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Business Development

Ideas, initiatives and activities aimed at making a business better and effective.

Brand Management

Developing a strategic plan to maintain brand equity or gain brand value in the market.

Brand Marketing

Building a brand and creating awareness about the company and its products or services.

Investment Consulting

Providing investors with investing opportunities with proper advice, planning and in-depth work on formulating investment strategies.
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How We Work

We help you Invest in the Right Direction

Franchise works being one of the best companies in Brand and Investment consultants in India, aiming at providing a right option for your investment through various Franchising opportunities. We offer a wide range of services which include Business Development, Brand Management, Brand Marketing and Investment Consulting. Through this, we aspire to make India a bigger platform for Entrepreneurs / Businessmen through this Business model of Franchising.

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Asked Questions

  • Why should someone invest in Franchising?
    It takes a long time to build a Brand name and reputation of a company. Franchising opportunities help you invest in the business you trust. It would also be credible to give you an expected outcome.
  • What is the main thing to be considered before taking up the Franchise?
    It’s always recommended to know end-to-end about the business you would be dealing with and the experience in the same domain would, no doubt be an added advantage.
  • What are the things to do before signing the Franchise?
    a. Name, address and telephone number of the Franchise Owner and a proper discussion with them about the complete business model and Company’s support. b. Proper Investment consulting about the Business you are going to take up. c. A fully audited financial statement of the seller about the Company’s Registration and other legal norms. d. Complete information about the cost required for the maintenance of the Business. Please make a special note of the working capital or ongoing costs which you may have to incur later on. e. The responsibilities you and the seller will have to share once you buy a franchise. f. Again, use your professional support to test all of these issues. Some of the terms of the contract may be negotiable. Find them out before you sign.
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